Fully Qualified Machinists and Fabricators

WERKS Machine is a fully equipped machining and fabrication facility. WERKS is a part of Intermountain Drilling Supply (IDS), and can assist with any job that requires custom built parts or products. WERKS employees are experienced using CNC machines, lathes, and mills along with welders and other fabrication equipment. WERKS offers fast and reliable service. We are committed to providing custom product when they are needed.

A drill rod rebuild by WERKS Custom Machine Shop

When it comes to machining and fabrication, we build what WERKS for you!

Our WERKS Machine and Fabrication shop can handle all types of projects. Our projects range from the round cylinder stock running through our CNC and manual lathes, to complex milled machine components. We have the equipment and the know how to get the job done to right, on time, and within budget.

The idea that started on a napkin can now become a reality. Our experienced team uses the program Solidworks to create working drawings and models.  We know that your design will work before the machine shop spins the first part or the fabrication team strikes the first arc.

The founders of IDS had enough on-the-job training and expertise to realize what mattered when designing custom products. This understanding has helped to give WERKS an edge over the competition. It was simple.

First, a custom machine shop is a great asset for a product supplier and second, a fabrication shop will give customers more options.  It made sense to offer our customer both. Now our customers can get products from all the major suppliers, and are able to custom design any product they desire or need.

  • WERKS machinists use CNC lathes and mills
  • WERKS uses the latest techniques and highest quality raw materials.
  • WERKS welders are ASTM certified and regarded in the industry as true professionals.
  • WERKS fabrication team can weld and fabricate any part necessary for most unique job requirements.

WERKS is not just a “fab shop” and it is not just a “machine shop”. We are both and we take pride in everything that is created for every one of our customers.

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Our Shop

werks machine shop
Raw material used in the WERKS Custom Machine Shop
High quality raw materials used by WERKS Custom Machine Shop
An example of a piece of raw material used in the WERKS Custom Machine Shop
An example of the high quality raw materials used by WERKS Custom Machine Shop

Let the WERKS team custom design what you need!