The IDS Brand is our version of a house brand. Since IDS started over 20 years ago, 1000’s of products have been custom designed for our customers. Many of these items became products that were so useful they were ordered in place of other products on the market, especially in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). The IDS Brand was originally started to stock the most commonly ordered items. It has grown into a product list of more than 100 products.

IDS Core Press

When WERKS Machine designed its core press, safety and functionality were the major concerns.  Our system will not power up until the protective cage is secured and locked.  The press has a 5ft rod stroke and a 5ft extension rod.  Each press comes with the adapters to handle N, H, and P series core rod, up to 10ft in length.  The press uses quick adapters to hold the rods securely while core samples are collected.

IDS Custom Cobble Reamers

WERKS Machine designs all of its reamers to withstand the hardships of the drilling industry and have a reputation of outlasting the competition. IDS “builds heavy,” our reamers are built with more teeth on a reamer and are made with the highest-grade materials. Also, our reamers are built with a “push/pull” technology. WERKS Machine can build any type and any size reamer necessary for a job.

IDS Custom Hole Openers

WERKS Machine designs both open and closed bearing Hole Openers, customizing each order so that no additional connectors are needed. WERKS builds its Hole Openers to have the longest usage life possible. We use high quality cutters, our designs channel the coolant right through the cutters and the least amount of cutters are used to make the bearings last.

IDS Custom Support Equipment

WERKS Machine designs many custom products each year. Most of the products offer support to a drilling project. These include Mud Systems, Mud Mixer Tanks, Drill Rod Racks, Rod Sloops, Drill Shacks and Water Tanks. Each items is custom engineered and designed to fit a specific job. Our WERKS sales team can help determine what our customers need and can reverse engineer on site.

IDS Rebuilds

WERKS Machine has a reputation for rebuilding equipment better than new. WERKS Machine also offers maintenance programs to companies who are looking to increase the life of their equipment. We rebuild Water Pumps, Shock Subs, Hammers, Hammer Bits, Reamers and Hydraulic Cylinders. Ask a WERKS Machine sales rep for more information about our maintenance programs.

Diverse Custom Products

WERKS Machine designs and manufactures for all industries.  If you can imagine it, then WERKS Machine can machine or fabricate it.  Although we have a reputation for custom designing drilling products and support equipment for the drilling industries, we have gained acclaim for our ability to create a diverse line of products, including but not limited to, injection parts and pulleys for high performance cars, specialty brackets, injection and rotational tools, and so much more.

Can’t find what you need? Put WERKS to work for you!