IDS offers a range of rock tools such as replacement cutters, mud motors, and more! IDS has the rock tools needed to complete any project.

Tri-Cone Rock Bits

IDS carries a variety of new and used steel tooth and tungsten carbide inserts. Our selection includes a wide range of sizes to accommodate any and all formations. We have open and sealed bearing tri-cones with additional custom features available.

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Iron Fist Bit

IDS carries the Iron Fist bit which is used for cutting through cobbles and other rocky conditions. This bit is designed to provide downhole stability and balance and come with a built-in check valve for minimizing clogging. The ideal tool for tough, cobble environments.

Eagle Claw and Replacement Cutters

IDS provides the Eagle Claw Bit, the ideal choice for hard, rocky soil conditions. Designed with steel cutter teeth on the front, this bit will cut through the hardest soils. Cutter teeth are interchangeable so they can be used in a variety of soil environments. Designed to minimize wear, the bit is great for any rock soil environments.

Mud Motors

IDS carries top of the line mud motors for your HDD project! Using hydraulic
horsepower via drilling fluids to drive the bit, Mud Motors offer positive displacement and are a much needed accessories for your HDD site! Ask about our mud motor rental program.