IDS offers a wide selection of quality reamers for any HDD project. We have reamers that are designed for soft, medium, and hard soil formations as well as soft and rocky formations. All reamers are built with the highest quality materials to ensure you have the right reamer for the job. Need something custom built? Contact us and our WERKS machine will build the part ideal for any job.

Juggernaut Reamers

IDS carries Juggernaut Reamers which offers more cutters than any other reamer in its class, resulting in a smoother cutting action. The juggernaut reamers features extra thick carbide inserts that provides maximum cutting action. Available in the following sizes: 4.5”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”.

Shredder Reamers

The ideal reamer for ripping through tough ground conditions and for making push backs a breeze. The Melfred Borzall Shredder Reamer offers more cutter teeth than any other reamer in it’s class and comes in a variety of sizes from 8” through 40” or greater. Larger sizes are available upon request.

Terminator and Terminator Pup Reamers

IDS carries Terminator and Terminator Pup reamers, offering efficient cutting action to reduce pullback, rotary pressures, and provide mixing and pumping actions. Equipped with carbide tipped cutting blades that are positioned to take large amounts of abuse without failing. The Terminator Pup is ideal for pre-reaming stages, offering the same features as the Terminator.

Barrel Stabilizer Reamers

IDS carries the Barrel Stabilizer Reamers, which holds the drill rod, reamer, and product pipe on center to create a round and successful borehole. This reamer can be customized to be used in a variety of soil types.

Ogre Reamer

Melfred Borzall’s Ogre is one tough reamer, with more cutters than other reamer in its class. The Ogre offers slow taper and deep spiraled fluting resulting in a smoother, more efficient cutting action and angled fluid jets shoot water opposite of the reamer rotation to ensure debris doesn’t damage or jam the reamer! Great for easier pushbacks. Available in sizes from 12” to 36”


IDS offers Melfred Borzall’s Turbo reamer as the ideal choice for cutting through sand and unstable soils. With curved blades, the Turbo provides maximum mixing and pumping then any other reamer in it’s class. Heavy duty blades with carbide teeth produce an aggressive cutting action to make this a solid choice for your boring needs. Available in a variety of sizes from 6”-36” with larger sizes available upon request.


IDS carries the Hedgehog reamer, which is a compact reamer designed to work in a variety of ground conditions. Equipped with tapered blades with carbide cutting teeth for an aggressive cutting action, the Hedgehog is an economical solution as they can be rebuilt without replacing the entire reamer. The Hedgehog reamer is versatile to handle any drilling need. Available in 6”-24” with larger sizes available upon request.


IDS provides the Tornado Reamer which is designed with perfectly angled blades and carbide cutter block which provides aggressive chewing action through the ground. This economical backreamer offers superior strength and longevity. Available in 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12”. Larger sizes available upon request.

Terminator Jr

IDS provides the Terminator Jr. Reamer, which allows for the reaming of a hole without removing the drill head. Equipped with conical carbide cutters on an angled blade provide excellent cutting/mixing action. The Terminator Jr is bolted to an Excalibur or Grizzle blade to create an 8-10” hole.


IDS provides the Sabertooth reamer which is made of sturdy carbide cutters, ideal for powering through tough, combination soils. The precision angled cutters provide excellent mixing and pumping action to blast through any soil environment. IDS offers a variety of sizes ranging from 6” through 40”; 48” and larger sizes available upon request.

Fluted Reamers

Stacked Pate Reamers

Clay Reamers