IDS offers a complete selection of HDD accessories to accommodate your project needs. Our line of accessories include tracer wire, rod wipers, thread lube, and more! When it comes to needing additional accessories for your HDD project, IDS is your one-stop shop for everything you need.

Tracer Wire

IDS carries Directional Depot and Copperhead tracer wire for any HDD project. Designed and reinforced to handle the toughest job demands and get the job done on time. Need custom lengths and colors? Give us a call and we will get the right tracer wire for any project.

Drill Rod Wipers

IDS offers Drill Rod Wipers to keep drill rods clean, which prolongs the life of the rods and keeps the equipment working longer and more efficient.

Rubber Tracks

IDS provides 100% natural Rubber Tracks for HDD rigs to increase traction and reduce the chance of cuts and tears.

Pump Parts

IDS carries a range of replacement parts for your FMC mud pumps at an affordable cost. No matter the part, we have the highest quality replacement options to get you back to work quickly.

Thread Lube

IDS carries premium thread lube for the many demanding conditions of HDD. Our
thread lube provides maximum protection against galling and seizing. This lead-free, environmentally safe compound is made without zinc or other materials that can be affected at elevated temperatures. Working in a colder environment or using automated pumping systems? We have Arctic Grade thread lube no matter how cold the job site may be! Lube is available in a variety of sizes from 20 ounce tubes to 5 gallon pails

Reamer Carrier

IDS carries Reamer Carriers to safely lower the reamer into the pit for drilling as well as installing the reamer while the drill rig is locked out. Complete with dual-bearing blocks that allow the reamer to be turned by hand, without having to rotate the drill rod. A must have for any HDD project.

Replacement Cutters and Blocks

IDS carries a variety of carbide replacement cutters and blocks. When tools and bits need rebuilding, these replacement cutters & blocks are just what you are looking for. Quickly repair your tools to keep your project on time and budget.

Cylinder Side Breakout Jaws

IDS supplies Cylinder Side Breakout Jaws which allow you to swap out your damaged and worn-out cylinder jaws so you can drill longer all while getting to work faster.

Stationary Side Breakout Jaws

IDS carries replacement Stationary Side Breakout Jaws, which serve as a durable replacement for worn out jaws. Designed for easy installation, these high-quality replacement steel jaws are a must for your HDD project.

Breakout Jaw Inserts

IDS offers Breakout Jaws Inserts by Directional Depot and Melfred Borzall. IDS carries Breakout Jaw Inserts that will serve as a replacement to your current worn out jaws. Easy to install and affordable.

Zapalert Electrical Strike Alarm

IDS offers the Zapalert Electrical Strike Systems, made for easy install not he Vermeer Navigator. Tested from 100 to 100,000 volts AC, this alarm will alert crews to the possibility of a strike on an underground power line while drilling.

Zapalert Tester

IDS carries the Zapalert Tester, an easy way for your crews to test the possibility of a strike on an underground power line. Easy to install on the back of any HDD rig, this tester can read 100 to 100,000 volts.

Dielectric Boots, Shoes, and Gloves

IDS offers dielectric boots, shoes, and gloves to keep crews safe while working in potentially dangerous electrical environments. 100% waterproof and comply with ASTM F1117 regulations. Boots are tested to withstand up to 20,000 volts, gloves withstand up to 17,000 volts. Add leather protectors going over the rubber glove allow for the glove to handle the rigors of the HDD industry.