IDS carries a variety of Duct Pullers for any HDD project needs. Designed to handle a variety of HDD projects, these pullers safely pull back tooling that was used to create the borehole. Whether you need to pull back a single piece of equipment or need to pull back several pieces at the same time, we have the puller for a variety of jobs.

Multi Pullers

IDS carries Multi-Pullers which allow for the pullback of multiple pieces of equipment at the same time. Multi-pullers save time in retrieving equipment and are strong and durable. Need a custom configuration? Give us a call and we will create exactly what you need.

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Duct Pullers

IDS carries high quality Duct Pullers to offer a strong grip as you pull back equipment through the borehole. Quick and easy to install, IDS’ duct pullers offer expanding jaws that grasp the inside of the wall duct. Pluggers are also available to keep mud from entering the puller.

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Interdict Pulling Eyes

IDS carries a variety of Innerduct Pulling Eyes to fit any project or size requirement. IDS has Swivel Head, Clevis Head, and Fixed Head Innerduct Pulling Eyes. The Swivel Head is able to reduce binding and twisting of the innerduct while it is being installed. The Clevis Head is equipped with a slotted head with a clevis pin which allows for multiple pulling harness’ to be directly attached. The Fixed Head simply connects directly to the swivel of your choosing.

Poly Pullers

IDS offers a high-quality Poly-Pullers for any HDD project needs. Designed with superior durability, these pullers are an economical option. With expanding jaws that securely connect inside the wall of the duct, this puller is great for a variety of HDD jobs.

Pulling Grips

IDS offers a vast selection of high quality pulling grips made of strong, galvanized steel strand which provide a long life to the grip. We also carry fiber optic pulling grips which provide additional holding power while remaining flexible to protect the cable. We carry grip sizes ranging from 2 to 9.


IDS provides a number of different sized shackles that connect your pulling grips and pullers to your swivel. We have a variety of body sizes which provide a working load limit to ensure you have the right shackle for any HDD project.

Light and Heavy Duty Break-Away Connector and Pins

IDS offers Light and Heavy Duty Break-Away Connectors and Pins to protect polyethylene ducting from failure. The connectors and 5 pins are designed to break when tension gets too high, not the pulling duct. Available in two sizes to cover a range of breaking points starting at 750 lbs. to 45,000 lbs.

Directional Drilling Swivels

HDPE & PVC Pulling Eyes

Pulling Slings