IDS offers a wide range of bits & blades ranging from bi & tri-cone bits, PDC bits, drag bits, and much more.  Our bits & blades are used in all drilling industries such as Horizontal Directional Drilling and Environmental.  Custom features and sizes are available.  Need something CUSTOM BUILT?  Give us a call and our WERKS Machine will create custom parts.

Tri-Cone Rock Bits

IDS carries a variety of new and used steel tooth and tungsten carbide inserts. Our selection includes a wide range of sizes to accommodate any and all formations. We have open and sealed bearing tri-cones with additional custom features available.

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Claw Bits

IDS provides high quality bits made to power through soft to medium soils such as gravel, sandstone, and shales.  All bits come with field replaceable bullet shaped cutters.  The cutters are designed to move in their blocks, sharpening the cutters and providing a longer life for the bit.

Smith HDS+ Series HDD Bits

Designed specifically for Horizontal Directional Drilling, IDS offers Melfred Borzall’s Smith HDS+ Tri-Cone Rock Bit is the best bit for blasting through solid rock formations. Made with maximum gage and leg protection for a longer bit life, this drill bit also has tungsten carbide inserts available in a wide range of tooth proles to match the bit to your specific project.

Rock-It HDD Rock Bits

IDS provides Melfred Borzall’s Rock-It HDD Rock Bit, a low initial cost, high quality rock bit that will power through the hardest rock layers. With tungsten carbide inserts available in a wide range of tooth proles, this tri-cone bit provides a dependable, low cost option to for your Horizontal Directional Drilling project.

Used Bits & Blades