IDS offers a complete selection of drilling fluids, Bentonite, Polymers & Compounds for a range of industries including HDD, Construction, Water Well, and Environmental. We also carry biodegradable additives that comply with drinking water and groundwater protection requirements.

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IDS provides a full line of Sodium Bentonite products for a range of uses. This absorbent clay based drilling fluid vital to the HDD industry.

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IDS carries a full selection of high quality grouts. Grouts are used in water wells and monitoring wells, as well as decommissioning abandoned wells and boreholes.

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IDS provides a complete line of drilling muds. These fluids help keep the cuttings suspended and hold back the soils in the boreholes. A good fluids program will save you money in tool wear, drilling speed and hole completion.

Joint Compound

IDS provides a full line of Joint Compounds for drilling hard formations, deep holes, or any other scenario involving high torque.


IDS offers a full line of polymers. Polymers are used to provide inhibition against reactive formations by creating viscosity when bentonite cannot be used.

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IDS offers an extensive line of premium gels which are used for all types of freshwater mud rotary drilling where a more solid liquid is desired. Gels can also be used as a seal to earthen structures, slurry trenching, and more.

Drilling Fluids Additives

IDS carries a full selection of Drilling Fluid Additives, which are designed as an enhancing agent to be added to your existing drilling fluid mixture. Do you have clay sticking to your drill pipe? We have a solution for that.

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Environmental Friendly

IDS provides a complete selection of Environmental Friendly Drilling Fluids & Compounds that will not harm or contaminate the wells or the nearby grounds.  IDS works with the industry leading drilling fluid companies to provide the most extensive line of eco-friendly products.

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