Production Drilling

IDS Tri Cones used for Production Drilling and Other Drilling Applications

Intermountain Drilling Supply (IDS) offers equipment and tooling in development and production drilling. From blast hole equipment, hammer and hammer bits, shock subs, stabilizers and tri-cone bits to thread compounds, cement products and Oiler systems, plus everything in-between, IDS is your go-to for your production drilling needs. IDS offers a range of production drilling equipment that can handle any job.

IDS Production Drilling Products

Drill Steel
Drill Subs
Shock Subs
Starter Rods
Hammer Oil
Oiler Systems
Cement Products
Thread Compound
Bit Breaker Baskets
Blast Hole Drill Pipes
Hammer & Hammer Bits
Hole Stabilization Products
Tri-cone Bits, New and Rerun
Open & Sealed Bearing Tri-cone Bits

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