Exploration Drilling

Mineral exploration drilling on a job site

There are many drilling methods used in exploration drilling including diamond core drilling, reverse circulation and more. Intermountain Drilling Supply (IDS) offers an extensive list of products and equipment for exploration drilling. Our product line covers all mineral exploration drilling methods and we have tools that are compatible with your current equipment. Our knowledgeable staff, complete product listing, and custom machine shop have made IDS a superior supplier for exploration drilling.

IDS Exploration Drilling Products

Core Boxes
Drifter Rods
Foot Clamps
Casing Jacks
Drill Collars
PDC Drill Bits
Deep Hole RC Bits
Submersible Pumps
Air and Mud Swivels
Wireline Accessories
Stainless Steal Casings
Blast Hole Drill Steel
Hammer & Hammer Bits
High Pressure Mud Pumps
Tri-cone Bits, New & Rerun
Well Sand NSF and Regular
Reamers and Hole Openers
Top Hammer Drilling Tools
RC Drill Rods, Rotary Drill Rods
HPDE Piping & Fusion Equipment
Diamond Core Drill Bits & Rods
Interchanges and Interchange Subs
Drilling Fluids, Muds and Polymers
Blow Down Subs and Blow Up Subs
Core Rods and Diamond Core Drill Rods
Core Lifters, Core Barrels and Core Latches
Wrenches, Tongs, Deck Tooling and Accessories
Slotted Well Screen – PVC, Covered, Wire Wrapped
Swivels, Reverse Circulation Wear Parts, RC Hoses
Mud Pumps & Parts, Suction Hoses and Discharge Hoses

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