Diamond Core Drilling

A Diamond Core Drilling Rig on a Job Site

Diamond core drilling is essential to the drilling industry. Diamond core drilling uses diamond tipped drill bits and products with a hallowed out center allowing the sample to be drawn up the center of the tube. Diamond core drilling has become very important to the environmental, exploration and geotech drilling industries and Intermountain Drilling Supply (IDS) offers an extensive product list.

IDS Diamond Core Drilling Products

Core Bits
Core Lifters
Casing Jacks
Casing Shoes
Chuck Jaws
Core Barrels
Core Boxes
Landing Rings
Water Swivels
Hoisting Plugs
Grease 10lb, 20lb
Casing Cutter Lugs
Adaptor Couplings
Wireline Accessories
Inner Tube Stabilizers
Conventional Reaming Shells
Core Drill Rods & Drilling Parts
Wireline Reaming Shells & Wireline Corebarrel

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