28 Sep 2016
From childhood playing with our first set of building blocks, we are taught to build from the bottom.  We learn trial after trial that our tower will fall over if our foundation is not solid and the ground work is not set properly.
So why then, through life, must we relearn this lesson time and time again, just in different scenarios?

The latest lesson…Millennium Towers in San Francisco.

The Millennium Towers is located in Yerba Buena and considered the “symbol of wealth” by locals.  Boasting the most expensive one bedroom condo in the city, this building is home to celebrities including Joe Montana and other high influential members of society.
Did I mention that since it’s completion in 2008 the structure has sunk more than 16 inches and slopes almost 2 inches to the northeast?
16 inches, no big deal right? Well, let’s consider it…exactly how tall is 16 inches?
That’s equivalent to 2 average sized Chihuahuas stacked, the length of 1.5 footballs set end to end, and

Still think 16 inches is irrelevant?

Professor Greg Deierlein, director of the John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center at Stanford University.  Multiple high believes it’s “significant…and of concern.”  As of late, high rises in downtown San Francisco are being evaluated for safety standards and
Ok, it’s sinking.  Now what?  Are measures being taken to correct the problem?  Nope.  Now the blame game starts.
The first finger pointing started as Millennium Tower is blaming the adjacent Transbay Transit Center claiming that “all buildings settle over time” according to a spokesman for developer Millennium Partners,  and the tower has “settled more than originally anticipate because it was affected by subsequent construction by other.”
The finger directed at Millennium Tower is blaming poor design, focusing on the “concrete slab foundation that doesn’t reach bedrock” at a depth of 200 ft.  A prepared statement by TJPA legislative affairs and community outreach manager, Scott Boule, says that the Millennium Tower
As a bystander, viewing the situation from afar, our opinion is neutral but condo owners are beginning to seek legal advice.  The main complaint in the suit is as a result of “diminution in value” of all units in the Tower on 301 Mission St.  Residents of the building were warned that the building was still sinking and cracks in the parking garage appeared.
This is a tough lesson and one that has not even begun to come to a conclusion.  Stay tuned.
01 Sep 2016
Salt Lake City, Utah (April 12,2016) Intermountain Drilling Supply (IDS) adds experience, versatility to Horizontal Directional Drilling with the addition of Brad and Mike Mills to the team.
Intermountain Drilling Supply (IDS) is pleased to announce that Brad and Mike Mills, formerly of American Eagle Drilling Supply, Inc to the Intermountain Drilling Supply Team in the Salt Lake City market. With the addition of Brad and Mike Mills, IDS adds 35+ years of experience Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) industry. With 8 locations in the west, IDS has become of the largest HDD focused supply chains in the region.
Intermountain Drilling Supply is focused on providing the highest quality parts, service, and care for our customers. The additions to our HDD team allow us to better serve those working the field and providing the highest level of service in the Western United States. Our commitment to the industry is a direct reflection of our team members. Mike Mills said it best with, ‘IDS is coming together as one, versatile team’.
Intermountain Drilling Supply is focused on becoming the source for all things HDD. With the addition of Mike and Brad, IDS will move closer to their goal by having the continuing to add to HDD experience and knowledge to better serve their customers and the community.
Read more at http://www.nationaldriller.com/articles/90470-intermountain-drilling-supply-adds-new-office
01 Sep 2016
Salt Lake City, UT (July 25th, 2016) intermountain Drilling Supply (IDS) is pleased to announce the introduction of the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Specialist role as part of the IDS branch in Salt Lake City, Utah. This marks the 1st time in company history that IDS has added a specialist role to a specific drilling market.
Tony Paraspolo and Brad Mills will become the 1st and 2nd HDD Specialist to ever work at IDS. Tony has moved from Texas to Salt Lake City for this new role and he brings years of hands on HDD experience, including previous work as a driller. His knowledge and skills have been spoken highly of during his career in the industry. Brad is rejoining the IDS team after successfully running his own drilling supply business. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the HDD market and is very skilled at coaching his customers and fellow peers.
Each HDD specialist will cover a specific area ranging from Washington State and Oregon down to Houston and Southwest Texas. IDS adds plenty of experience and knowledge to the growing HDD market and we look forward to a future of supplying our current and new customers with any and all HDD products and tooling.
For more information about IDS and our HDD specialists, please visit our website at www.intermountaindrillingsupply.com